Ohio Valley Precision, Inc.

Precision Industrial Tooling, Patterns, & Molds

OVP is an industry leader in the manufacturing of foundry pattern and mold tooling in tool steel. Our precision high-speed machines can manufacture your pattern and mold tooling to a superior machined finish, substantially reducing expensive polishing work.  Our machining centers have large working envelopes up to 84" x 50" x 45" and can handle even larger workpieces.  OVP's ram EDM process can accurately produce the most intricate features on your tooling that cannot be machined conventionally. Parting lines, core prints, and shut-offs can be precisely machined to sharp corners, preventing excessive flashing and fins - eliminating costly grinding and cleaning of cast parts. Our 4-axis ram EDMs have a capacity of 59" x 43" and can handle your most difficult part geometries.

Foundry Patterns 

Differential Housing - 100% EDM'ed D2 tool steel
Renboard Pattern with multiple loose pieces
Steering Knuckle - parting lines EDM'ed
Permanent Molds

4140 steel mold 68" x 40"
2-cavity mold with hydraulic slides
H13 mold - 36" x 36"
Core Boxes

Cast iron core box - 58" x 42"
12-piece core package for housing
Hardened tool steel cavities with multiple hydraulic slides
Plastic Injection & Compression Molds

intricate plastic injection mold - rib features EDM'ed
6-piece compression mold for urethane
EDM electrode and resulting part